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You might not think of food as something that’s trendy, but food trends are totally a thing, and there are some delicious ones bubbling up for this year. These are the healthy 2018 food trends we’re getting excited about.

A whole slew of companies put together lists of upcoming food trends each year. For the list below,  look at these healthy food predictions. Healthy eating in general is on-trend for 2018, and it’s great to see healthy foods and habits finally hitting the mainstream.



Here are some of the healthy 2018 food trends to get excited about!



1. Poke Bowls

A poke bowl is basically a sushi bowl, and these restaurants are popping up all over the U.S. right now. Just like sushi, you can make your poke bowl healthy or not, depending on the toppings you choose. Skip the tempura flakes and mayo-based sauces. Instead, pile on the veggies, tofu, brown rice, seaweed and lighter sauce options, like soy sauce.

You might think that a poke bowl needs to have fish in it, but with so many delicious vegetable and topping selections, you don’t need fish to put together a delicious poke bowl.


2. Plant-Based Food

This is the food trend that I’m most excited about. People are eating more plants for their health, for the planet and for the animals.

Vegan options are easier to find than ever, and even when a restaurant doesn’t have vegan menu items, they’re much more willing to customize something than they were year ago, so bring on the plants!


3. Fermented Food

Fermented foods are deliciously trendy right now, and that’s great news for our gut health. Think fermented foods beyond yogurt, like kimchi, sauerkraut and fermented pickled vegetables.

Restaurants like fermented foods because customers order them, but also because they keep well by nature, making them easy to keep in stock.


4. Edible Flowers

Edible flowers make any dish feel fancy, and they’re coming on strong for 2018. You can buy edible flowers or you can grow your own. Either way, look forward to floral salads, drinks, desserts and more.


5. Superfood Powders

Maca, matcha, spirulina, turmeric and cacao are probably the most well-known superfood powders out there, and you’ll find these in granola bars, smoothies or sold as-is on the shelf.

Turmeric is an easy superfood powder to get you started, because it’s available at any grocery store. Try this turmeric latte to squeeze some superfood goodness into your morning.


6. Fancy Mushrooms

You probably know by now that mushrooms are great for your health, and wild mushroom varieties are super hot right now. Of course, you can use fancy mushrooms in your next stir fry.


8. Transparent Labeling

Consumers want to know what we are buying, and companies are starting to respond with certified labels. More and more companies are adding Non-GMO, Fair Trade and Organic products to their lines, and this is great news for the planet, for consumer health and for farmworkers.

Restaurants are also finally starting to list calorie information on the menu, so you can make more informed ordering decisions. Whole Foods lists this as a food trend, but this will actually be a requirement by May of 2018.

If you have already tried eating your share of stuffed grape leaves, baba ghanoush and hummus, now you can add deep seasonings like tangy za’atar and spicy harissa to your spice cabinet.


9. Root-to-Stem Cooking

You’ve heard of nose-to-tail, and root-to-stem is the plant-based equivalent. Not only does this way of cooking give you more veggie bang for your buck, but it reduces food waste.

Restaurants are making the most of produce by using edible parts that we’d normally throw away.


10. Fizzy Water

 Lightly-flavored, unsweetened sparkling waters are a healthy 2018 food trend to get excited about. These zero-calorie drinks are a great way to stay hydrated when you just don’t like water.

A lot of the sparkling waters on the market are artificially flavored, but some are now using plant extracts. You can also make your own flavored fizzy water by adding a few slices of fruit to a glass of seltzer and waiting.





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