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What Makes Wayfield’s Meat a Cut Above the Rest

Wayfield Foods is known as “the meat people,” and for good reason. The company is serious about its slogan, taking pride in offering its customers high-quality meats with personalized service at a great price.

When it comes to meats, Jermaine Hough is a man in the know. With more than 25 years of experience, he’s taken part in all aspects of handling meats at different points in his career. Hough started off processing whole cattle before becoming a clerk and learning how to cut various meats. He then moved on to a consulting position, and he is now Wayfield’s Meat Operations Director.

According to Hough, quality, great prices, and personalized, friendly customer service are key to Wayfield’s success.

“We value a personal relationship with customers,” Hough says.

Not Your Average Meats Department

What makes the meats department at all Wayfield stores special to its customers is that it offers the personal service of a hometown butcher within the convenience of a grocery store. And there are other ways that Wayfield meats stand out from the crowd:

  • Wayfield offers United States Department of Agriculture-graded Choice beef and other meats at the same quality standards.
  • Wayfield grinds its beef daily to provide customers with the freshest ground beef possible.
  • Highly trained, friendly, knowledgeable cutters are on staff in every store to cut meat to customer specifications. If customers don’t see what they need in the fresh meats display case, they need only ask a cutter to cut it for them, whether it be a 10-pound roast or a few thick-cut steaks.

Customer Favorites

Although Wayfield excels at all cuts of meat, there are certain customer favorites, according to Hough. The store’s beef short ribs, cut to a customer-specified thickness, are extremely popular. Wayfield’s economical cube steaks are preferred by many customers because they contain little to no fat or gristle. Smoked pork sausage is another versatile customer favorite that people like to grill at tailgating events but can enjoy for any meal.

“People come from all over for our smoked pork sausage,” Hough says.

Ready-to-eat Meats

Wayfield understands that its customers lead busy lives and often need a quick dinner option for themselves or to entertain a group. The meats department offers prepared meats, like fried chicken that is pre-packaged and ready to take home, for those who need to pick up a meal that requires minimal prep. Pork ribs, like the always-popular baby back ribs, are smoked on site daily and are a delicious, convenient option for a busy weeknight dinner or special occasion.

Dedicated to Quality and Service

Hough and Wayfield Foods go above and beyond to offer only the best to their customers. This translates to everything that they do, from interacting with customers to providing a huge selection of fresh and prepared meats.

When asked to describe Wayfield’s meats program in a few words, Hough summed it up in simple fashion: “[We’re] providing fresh, quality meats from our family to yours.”

Visit the Wayfield Foods free shopping list organizer and start planning meals with your health in mind.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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