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Healthy Cornbread Is Not a Myth

If you’re serving up a mess of crawfish or firing up the grill for some saucy barbecue, there’s nothing quite like a side of cornbread to top off your meal. But unfortunately, this common southern indulgence is often filled with blood-pressure-raising sodium and belt-busting fats such as lard and butter—and that’s before loading the honey, gravy, or whipped butter on each slice. The words “healthy” and “cornbread” see, like they shouldn’t go together, but have no fear. Healthy cornbread is not a myth, and it’s something you can make at home.

There are many healthy cornbread alternative side dishes that use cornmeal as a main ingredient. Whole-grain yellow corn meal is a naturally low-sodium and low-cholesterol ingredient. It’s also rich in iron and provides sources of vitamins A, B, and vitamin E and folate. Try one of these ideas, and you will never miss that pan of plain cornbread again.

Whole-Wheat Cornbread Muffins

Skip the loaf pan and grab a muffin tin. This healthy cornbread recipe from Tablespoon doesn’t use any added salt, and the sugar is optional. Your doctor will also love the cholesterol-moderating whole-wheat flour, and the recipe also uses fat-free milk and egg substitute for additional health benefits. Serve the muffins with homemade fruit preserves, such as this peach freezer jam.

Make-Over Corn Casserole
You know that decadent sour cream- and butter-filled corn casserole that you enjoy at the holidays? It’s been upgraded to healthy status in this recipe from Skinnytaste. This recipe uses some heart-healthy swaps that will also make your stomach happy. Greek yogurt replaces the sour cream, and unsalted, light butter shaves off unnecessary calories. As a bonus, whole corn kernels are added to the cornmeal batter to sneak in a little extra nutrition.

Skillet Cornbread Pudding

If you still want to serve up Sunday supper with a skillet of hot cornbread, try this recipe for skillet cornbread pudding from the Food Network. The pepper jack cheese and chili powder give a little kick to this cornbread classic. For a healthier modification, you can use only 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter and fat-free half-and-half, or substitute smoked turkey for the ham.

Cornbread does not have to be a fattening side dish. With a few simple recipe swaps and a mindfulness about portion control, it can remain a weekly staple on your dinner table.

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