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Flavorful Low-sugar Beverages That Won’t Make Your Belly Bulge

On a hot summer day in the South, there’s nothing better than sipping a tall cool drink on the front porch. But if you want to stay fit and healthy, put down the soda. Here are a few low-sugar beverages that pack a lot of flavor and not many calories.

Flavorful Teas

If sweet tea is your go-to summer beverage, try lightening it up. Instead of stirring several spoonfuls of sugar into each glass, use healthier sweeteners, such as zero-calorie, powdered stevia, which comes from a plant. Another option is using raw honey. It’s sweeter than sugar, so you can use less and get the same level of sweetness. This will shave a few calories off your drink. You can also add fruit to add sweetness and color to iced tea. A tablespoon of fresh mango, peach, or raspberry juice or puree will hit the spot.

Chilled Coffee

Don’t let the leftovers in your morning pot of coffee go to waste; refrigerate the extra java. Serve it over ice cubes made from skim milk mixed with a few drops of vanilla extract. As the cubes melt, you have a refreshing cafe-like beverage to sip and enjoy on a hot summer day.

Bubbly Soda Alternative

If you can’t live without the bubbly goodness in a bottle of soda, try making your own carbonated drink. Start by filling your glass three-fourths full with carbonated seltzer water. Then top the glass off with 100 percent pure fruit juice (no sugar added) to give the drink a refreshing taste.

Juicy Fruit Water

Quench your thirst with good old-fashioned water with a refreshing twist. Try adding a trio of freshly sliced oranges, lemons, and limes to a pitcher of water to serve with dinner. Freeze chopped strawberries and add them to a glass of water to keep it cool and add a sweet flavor. You can also add fruit kebabs made with juicy pineapple cubes and watermelon chunks to a glass of water to add a splash of tropical flavor. When you’re done sipping, you have a tasty fruit snack to enjoy.

Fresh Homemade Juice

When you find fresh produce on sale, stock up and juice it. Try blending fruits and vegetables together to create vitamin-rich, low-sugar beverages. This recipe is a combination of carrots, apples and lemon and is sure to calm summer-evening thirst.

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